Event Monitoring

Compliance requirements mandate event monitoring and log retention. When an attack takes place on your network, often the first place it can be detected is in the log files on your devices. Programs generate logs of events that take place and save them in files. These files often contain a lot of information and the important information can be hard to find. Simply reading the log files can be a hassle and correlating events in different log files to detect genuine attacks in real time is too great a challenge for a small IT security team.

Log Monitoring

We can manage SOC monitors, to correlate and analyse your security logs across virtually any security technology and critical information asset in your environment. We investigate any event correlations and provide incident response vigilantly to identify and help you respond to threats in real time. Demonstrating compliance is simplified when you can demonstrate controls and produce reports from the log activity from all critical assets across your environment.

We deliver daily, weekly, monthly or exception-based reporting depending on you requirements.

Log Retention

Our Log Retention service enables you to retain full access to your appliances while offloading the administrative burden of managing and maintaining your historical log files. We help you to satisfy your compliance requirements for log collection, retention and monitoring, storing logs from all assets and data sources on your network in a secure, centralised location. We provide full lifecycle management using our secure hosting platform.


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