Accreditation Management and Maintenance

Post-certification we can help you maintain your accreditation status, managing all tasks and removing the hassle, so that you can focus on your core business.

Continuous Monitoring

Our managed SOC removes the need for an internal security team. We offer various subscription options to not only maintain your accreditation but offer you continuous improvement through growth plans, preparing for further certifications and/or re-certifications.

Internal Audits

We can take care of requisite internal audits to ensure that your processes stay in-line with your accreditation requirements.

Management Reporting

Keep track of your GRC (governance, risk and compliance) metrics using customised reports of compliance, controls and audits, providing management visibility down to technical implementation.

Successive Accreditations

Building on your existing investment, a progressive certification pathway enables you to upgrade your accreditations to the next level giving you successive returns. You can choose to certify on a lower level and build on that as you go along.


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