Finance Functions

Overall, safe and reliable operations are at the heart of every tank farm facility and into-plane pool — the needs and best interest of customers, shareholders, the airport owners and the staff are paramount. Robust and professionally-maintained finance functions are vital in ensuring these objectives are achieved.

Best4Business deliver an un-rivalled service to its key tank farm and into-plane customers around the UK, routinely providing a complete range of services, including:
  • Working closely with site management, preparing annual operating budgets, overseeing revised budgets as required
  • Overseeing the preparation of annul capital expenditure plans
  • Ascertaining funding requirements on a rolling basis
  • Overseeing third party funding tenders
  • Preparing annual fee calculations, liaising with customers and the airport as required
  • Calculating shareholder returns (as prescribed), proposing distributions that adhere to all of the operating entity’s obligations (e.g. to the airport, the bank)
  • Attending Board and/or governance meetings

A long track record and an extensive current working knowledge of the sector means Best4Business can offer a service that is both effective and complete; we can work at any level, but usually report either directly to the general manager (if there is one), or to Board level (often attending Board meetings to provide the finance presentation).

We can provide some or all of the services listed above on an ad-hoc basis, or contract specifically as required.

Please contact us at [email protected], or on +44 (0)20 7523 5322 to discuss how we can help you, for more information or to arrange a no-obligation meeting.


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