Managed Vulnerability Scanning

We recognise the difficulty in keeping up with patches for small IT teams. Every day more vulnerabilities are discovered in common software and keeping track of the vulnerabilities in your network can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

Risk reports which you can actually use

Instead of bombarding you with information about every potential vulnerability, our reports are targeted to ensure they give you the information you need as completely as possible. The risks associated with every vulnerability are clearly presented with information on their severity and mitigation steps. Our reports can be customised to contain the information you require and we can perform one-off scans should there be anything into which you need insight at a particular time.

Visibility into your network

Gain insight into your network so issues can be resolved as soon as they arise. This will allow you to demonstrate compliance and keep your network in shape to reduce the workload should you ever aim for further certifications.

Simplifying vulnerability detection

Our managed vulnerability scanning can detect and monitor weaknesses in your systems which, if left unpatched, could allow an attacker to gain access. We do this by performing regular scans of your perimeter and internal server environments. We will provide frequent reporting of any patches which need to be applied and will follow up with you to ensure they are applied.

Vulnerability Assessment

When compared to other solutions, our service will better help you prioritise risks so you can effectively remediate. Our analysts provide you with support and guidance to ensure mitigation.

We will work with you to ensure any vulnerabilities are fixed either with official patches where they exist or by advising on mitigation steps where a patch has not yet been released. We will keep you notified when patches do come out and provide support in ensuring the patch adequately resolves each vulnerability.


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