New Investment

Whether due solely to growth, re-location, new technologies, or in combination, tank farm and into-plane operations will periodically need to invest in new plant or facilities – these may be fixed or mobile, and are often significant in scale.

Best4Business can assist its clients during rounds of investment, advising during early planning, though deployment and commissioning, and on to calculating and helping to collect the returns arising on the investments made, which can often take many years. We are familiar with and can advise on the range of options typically available to facilities owners or operators.

We routinely provide the following services to our clients in this area:
  • Advising on the structure of the new investment, how it would be repaid, and if appropriate, how it would generate a return
  • Modelling the financial impact of the investment (essential if raising external or 3rd party finance)
  • If required, providing access to the network of corporate finance specialists we have pre-existing working relationships with
  • Assisting with all of the compliance requirements resulting from the new investment
  • Managing the finance-raising exercise, and subsequent repayment obligations for our clients
  • Helping to ensure any investment returns are properly calculated and collected

We can provide some or all of the services listed above on an ad-hoc basis, or contract specifically as required.

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