How to use Technology to Improve your Business

Here are 3 topics of methods that you can take to increase your performance through the use of IT.

Pick and Choose the ‘Best Practice’ Technologies

The different technologies available and choose the ones which will suit your business best. Do you need access to your software and work drives while ‘on the go’ or from remote locations?


Hot desking is a way of organising the office so that office desks are shared between workers instead of each employee working from their own personal desk. workers can take an available desk of their choice depending on their preference that day.

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Instead of using a HDMi cable to connect your laptop to a TV during a meeting you could wirelessly mirror what image is being shown your laptop onto your meeting room TV.

Cloud Computing

Cloud storage implementation will allow users to stop repetitive tasks being carried out as well as data re-entry as all files are stored in one location rather than on each employee’s local desktop drive, another benefit of implementing the cloud is that there is no need for a backup plan the data is always available as long as the user has an internet connection.


One area which should not be neglected is cybersecurity. Many threats from cybercrime eg. ransomeware, data theft and malware, it is vital that all businesses ensure they take measures to protect themselves.

Strong Filtering Technology

Filtering tools provide real-time monitoring of an URL and content to block undesired access and uphold user permissions to protect your network.

Cybersecurity Training

Invest in cybersecurity training and education for your employees. Most breaches occur because an employee clicked on a link or provided information that allowed a cybercriminal access to the network.

Two Factor Authentication

Access control to your computer network is paramount to security, which starts with confirming a user’s identity with two different components for access.

Robust Password Complexity and Rotation Policy

Passwords are an important aspect of computer security and every organization should have a policy addressing it. The purpose of this type of policy is to establish a standard for creation of strong passwords, the protection of those passwords.

Hardware and Software

Obtain advice on whether you are using the best computer hardware and software to prove productivity in your business. Older equipment will result in repair and support costs as well as leaving you open to cybercrime.

Ram and Processor

If a user is using many different software applications at one give time or has multiple spreadsheets open then the chances are your computer is going to show signs of slowing down or crashing, as time goes on and new software is released it often becomes more resource hungry over the years that is why you should change your hardware to keep up with those requirements.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is a great chat based collaboration tool that combines chat,meetings and attachments, that allows users to collaborate simultaneously on any Microsoft Office application, with real time chat between users.