London Top City for American Expats

A new LinkedIn study has shown that London tops the list of most-common workplace destinations for American expats.

Sydney is second, followed by Toronto, Paris and Shanghai, according to the professional social-networking site, which surveyed 25,000 members who have worked abroad after 2010 for professional experiences longer than summer jobs or student internships.

London is “the indisputable leader of the pack,” the study says. Some 18% of all international assignments are concentrated in London, according to the study. The most common small hometown of American expats was Bloomington, Ind., followed by Urbana-Champaign, Ill. and Santa Barbara, Calif. Among mid-size cities, the most common hometown was Tucson, Ariz. The biggest group of American expats work as language instructors, teachers or translators. Sales managers and marketers are also popular occupations abroad. Of major American cities, Washington D.C. produced the most expats. New York City was second.

“Globalization makes it more ‘normal’ for professionals to migrate,” said LinkedIn economist Guy Berger in an email. “Additionally, in recent years, business cycles across the world have been out of sync — so when there’s a dearth of jobs at home, there may simultaneously be a boom of opportunities abroad.”

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