US Taxes: A Personal Journey

What a thoroughly interesting and fortunate time for a US taxation professional! Why? Read on…

With the range of new measures and changes the IRS have recently implemented, most notably the FATCA requirements for banks and financial institutions to identify and disclose details of their US citizens/Green Card Holders clients to the US authorities, we are finding that large numbers of people are suddenly discovering that they have a requirement to file US tax forms…and we can help!

One of the most significant questions facing many of our clients has been: “Do I really need to file US tax forms?” Whether you owe US tax or not, the reality is that you are likely to have a filing requirement and the need to identify this is critical, as the penalties associated with failure to file and risk of the IRS finding you are not complying are simply too great.

Working alongside colleagues offering various services within Best4Business helps give us the confidence to move the US service forward. Frequent client meetings allow for our very personal service, and the fact that our clients have direct access to their tax team who are always ready to help is a big help. The range of work we undertake is so diverse, from corporate tax planning to personal tax compliance, gift and estate tax planning, to UK tax return preparation and advice. This breadth allows every member of the team here at Best4Business, including me, to grow and develop our skills, abilities and confidence, leading to individuals that are very well rounded professionals, and competent from a technical knowledge perspective.

At Best4Business we endeavour to take something as potentially stressful as taxes, and to help our clients to not worry about it so much. We regularly receive such great feedback from clients for a job well done, which is incredibly rewarding.

With our vast knowledge base, transparent pricing model and personal, highly responsive client service, we offer a unique proposition and these are some of the reasons why we get so many referrals. Our knowledge, skills and experience allows us to help our clients (both individuals and businesses), and to provide the tailored advice and compliance services needed to help reach their optimum tax position. Our services are priced very competitively and reflect the level and complexity of service provided. Our personal client service ensures that you will always be in contact with the individuals who are dealing with your tax requirements, and ensures we will always be on hand to respond to client enquiries on a timely basis.

From a personal perspective, I can say that working for Best4Business has been a great experience to date, and I am looking forward to more. Key learning points for me since joining the firm:

  • There are lots of US citizens in London needing our help and our client base is growing rapidly
  • You can’t avoid paying taxes, it’s a fact of life, but making sure you remain compliant and minimising your tax liability is important
  • Streamline Filing Procedure and reasons why it is so important to be compliant with US taxes (i.e. penalties associated with failure to file, FBAR penalties etc.)
  • Despite how daunting this all sounds, this is an area I’m delighted to be working in
  • My experiences with Best4Business — my exposure to client work to date has allowed me to develop quickly and really grasp the nuances of US taxation, which is a tough task and for our clients living in the UK, finding someone with the knowledge of inter-play between the US and UK is key
  • I’ve had the opportunity of working with Steven Healy (who is dual qualified EA and CTA with 25+ years’ experience), and have the guidance to move forward with my own aspirations
  • The advisory and compliance services offered at Best4Business are second to none, the combination of large firm knowledge with smaller firm pricing allows us to provide a high quality, personal service with a competitive pricing model — direct client contact
  • “Hand-holding” with clients — taking them through the process
  • Putting a smile back on our clients’ faces — priceless!